This woman went viral after pushing the Priest off the stage

A viral video of a lady assaulting a priest circulates around the internet after because of the shocking video footage filmed by one of the netizen in the said church in Brazil.

Pushed off the stage!

woman and priest

Rev. Marcelo Rossi could be a priest within the Catholic community of Canção star in Brazil. On Sunday morning, he was within the middle of mass preaching the gospel — when a woman ran up next to him and violently pushed Rossi off the stage.


Horrified Crowd


His lots are habitually televised, thus it had been all caught on camera. That one tiny and violent moment she pushes the priest, people were on their phone and started filming.



It’s unclear what the woman’s motive was, though one report suggests it had been in response to Rossi reportedly speech, “Fat ladies cannot go to Heaven.” A separate report states that the ladies allegedly includes a mental illness.


Not Hurt!

Miraculously, Rossi wasn’t contused and later came back to the stage. Canção star free a statement:

“The priest is well. He was attended by the medical workers at the event and presided over the celebration to the tip.” The woman was in remission however later free once Rossi determined to not press charges.


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