Twetch App Step by Step Guide – Create account and Link Moneybutton

Twetch is a decentralized social network that lets you own your data and at the same time you earn money with your content.

Step by step guide:

  1. Sign up with your email address at http://twetch.com to start using this decentralized social media.
  2. Check your email to make sure you signed up successfully. You should see this message ” You are now officially invited to join Twetch.”


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Now, let’s start making money from your content by linking Moneybutton:

  1. Create a moneybutton account. This app serves as your wallet.
  2. DM https://twitter.com/twetchapp and send your moneybutton ID number for verification.
  3. Wait for their response and make sure to follow the instructions they’re asking.



my moneybutton account
This is my first earnings on DAY 1 after creating my Twetch account

Start creating interesting content and GET PAID like them! 




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