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USA Millionaire Bill Pulte has been giving generous amount of money to people on Twitter

Bill Pulte is the grandson of the late William Pulte, a Home-building legend.

If you’ve been following Bill Pulte on social media like I do, you’ve got to be familiar with this hashtag #TwitterPhilanthrophy which means to promote the welfare of others, to the needies. Philanthropy involves charitable giving to human causes on a large scale. Philanthropy must be more than just a charitable donation. It is an effort an individual or organization undertakes based on an altruistic desire to improve human welfare.

Bill Pulte Twitter Philanthropist

Pulte has been giving away a lot of money to people this month in exchange of engagements, which means to Follow, Like and Retweet his posts mainly the reason to reach more help to less fortunate. What he’s been doing in Twitter is a real deal. Some were doubtful of him giving away large amount of money to random strangers that’ll simply engage and participate in his random twitter posts like the one below.


I also found out that there were also numbers of people who begs and asks for Pulte’s help. Great thing Pulte is not alone to combat scams and fake people using different twitter accounts. He had nominated good people online to check on and verify identities to lucky winners every after he made a giveaway. He called them #TEAMMATES. Not only those who’s in charge, but Pulte called everyone his #TEAM.

Below is a post from Bill’s good friend with twitter handle @codeofvets sending love to a homeless veteran.

Good people do really exists since there were also participating and joining Bill voluntarily on as a #TwitterPhilanthropist with their own expenses. Giving just any amount to someone. I admire everything and will continue to support and engage Mr. Bill Pulte. I can’t help myself but to be inspired. This is pure humanity. BLESSED BE AMERICA! 

DANICA says: Giving isn’t measured only with money. You can be a Philanthropist in any good way you want. Effort, time and talent is enough.


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